Tyson Chicken Going Antibiotic Free

Tyson Article @ Sintel SystemsWill Tyson’s attempt at Antibiotic Free Chicken become a reality or remain a deception like Free Restaurant Point of Sale Software?

Tyson Food Corp recently announced “phasing out” human antibiotic use in animal production within the next two years.

Usage in treating sick chickens is undermining effectiveness for human treatment and causing the spread of drug-resistant bacteria. Concerning human risks have forced the company to start looking for alternate ways to maintain healthy chickens.

David Plunkett, a food and safety expert, urges ban use of antibiotics by poultry farms. Farmers raise live stock in unsanitary crowded conditions, which most commonly is the reason for disease. The growth of an industry is unsustainable at the cost of  human medicine.

In other news, McDonald’s announced it would stop using chicken raised with certain antibiotics. The quick service burger chain sources most chicken used in McNuggets from Tyson Food Inc. Even Chipotle Mexican Grill reported all genetically modified ingredients were to be removed from the menu.

Other poultry manufacturers have started implementing sanctions on the use of antibiotics.

Tyson’s massive meat empire expands to own brands such as Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Farm, and Sara Lee.

By 2017, Tyson will have completely phased out antibiotics from its chicken and start reducing use in cattle, hogs, and turkeys.

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