U.S., Canada and Others Hit By POS Infections

855-POS-SALESITWorldCanada.com is reporting on the ramifications of the recent worldwide point of sale (POS) botnet infection, writing that retailers’ POS systems seem to be one of the soft targets for cybercriminals looking to steal payment and credit card information from unsuspecting users.

The discovery of the botnet comes on the heels of other high-profile cases involving U.S. retailers, including Target Corp.

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Here are some of the highlights of the “Canada hit by worldwide POS infection” ITWorldCanada report:

– The global botnet, dubbed “Nemanja,” hit approximately 1,500 POS terminals and other retail accounting platforms at companies in the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Turkey, Venezuela and 27 other countries.

– Nemanja was first discovered in March, 2014 by Los Angeles-based cyber threat intelligence firm, IntelCrawler, whose company spokesman said the culprits may be Serbian. The article says IntelCrawler is predicting an increasing number of new data breaches in the retail and small business segments of the economy, and forecasts the emergence of “new types of specific malicious code targeted at retailers’ back-office systems and cash registers.”

– Nemanja was collecting credit card data and also found to be gathering credentials via keylogging, which could then be used to gain access to payment and personal data on other systems. ITWorldCanada.com says IntelCrawler found 25 different programs running on the affected systems, including POS, grocery store management and accounting software.

– Attack vectors identified by IntelCrawler included “drive-by-download” and remote administration channels hacking. The company says, “Card associations should expect a trend of POS infections in developing countries in the near future, because of high significant lag in information security of retailers.”

– IntelCrawler adds, “Countries with high ‘social grades’ and developed payment industries, including Canada, will also remain high on attackers’ lists.”

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Read the full ITWorldCanada.com post here.

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