What are the benefits of a Rapid Replacement Warranty?

855-POS-SALEA Point of Sale System is critical to the proper operation of your business. Minimizing POS System downtime is a top priority for Sintel Systems. We carefully select all of our hardware providers to ensure that our customers receive a reliable and high quality unit. But there is always a risk of failure with any product, and this is why we highly recommend a Rapid Replacement Warranty.

What is a Rapid Replacement Warranty? It is a extended coverage plan for your POS System hardware which in the event of a failure, would get you a replacement unit shipped overnight. With a Rapid Replacement warranty you will receive a replacement unit as quickly as possible. We provide services such as this our customers, so that you can better serve your customers. Rapid replacement warranty offers free over night shipping of replacement product without having to first send back the defective product. Protect your POS system and your business today by enrolling in our Rapid Replacement Warranty program.

Making sure your line of customers moves quickly and efficiently is very important to Sintel Systems. The rapid replacement plan offers peace of mind by letting our customers know that even if something was to stop working, they would have a replacement sent out immediately. This is a huge benefit to any type of business and can be cost effective after just one use. Rapid Replacement warranty can pay for itself very quickly especially with the high costs of today’s fast paced technological world.

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