Yogurtland’s POS Loyalty Program

20150716_225924Yogurtland “Real Rewards” program is handing out free yogurt. Customers earn rewards through the app or a loyalty card. Every ounce purchase is 1 point towards a free cup of yogurt.

Green Level 

Free 3 oz just for registering

Free 3 oz birthday treat

Raspberry Level 

60 points elevates you to the Raspberry Level

Get 3oz free for every 36 points

Free 5oz birthday treat

Platinum Level

240 Points elevates you to the Platinum Level

Get 4 oz Free every 36 points

Get a personalized Yogurtland Platinum Card

Free 16 oz birthday treat

Get one “Unlimited Cup” of yogurt after you earn 520 Points

“Unlimited Cup” is a 16 oz cup “filled to your creative max”


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