5 Restaurant Trends to Watch This Spring

5 Restaurant Trends to Watch This Spring


The birds are chirping, kids are once again playing outside, and your allergies are acting up. This can only mean one thing: spring has finally sprung.

Last month, Nation’s Restaurant News published an article titled 5 Restaurant Trends to Watch This Spring.


Look out for Mediterranean influences at many restaurants this season. Mediterranean food, which includes Spain, southern France, Italy, Greece, Turkey and North Africa, is widely known to be extremely healthy for the heart.  Perhaps you may want to add some Mediterranean influences to your menu this spring.

Beverage Flights

Beverage flights are small tastes of a wide variety of drinks from wine, craft beer and even cocktails. Consumers like the feeling of getting a bang for their buck. Instead of just tasting one glass of wine, they have the opportunity to taste three.  And, if they enjoy one of the three, they will be more willing to then purchase another glass.


These days, people to know where their food has come from. Whether their concern is sustainability, authenticity or healthfulness, “mystery meat” is now a thing of the past.  With the rise in “farm to table” cuisine, even more restaurants will likely be adding certifications to their menus.

Garlic is the New Ramp

For those who do not know what “ramps” are, they are early spring vegetables found most commonly across eastern North America. Young garlic ramps are sweeter and lighter than older garlic and are great addition to your spring ingirdents.

The Flavor of Pine

The woody flavor of pine infused food and drink is all the rage. Though, smoking pine has been popular for a few years, it is now more widely done.

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