5 tips to help you start franchising your pizzeria

5 tips to help you start franchising your pizzeria

While we may have stated in a previous blog: The Top 5 don’ts in starting a franchise, here 5 tips to help you franchise your pizzeria.

1. Get Organized
Really think and plan out everything. This may take a lot of time but in the end it will be worth it. Opening a franchise is not an easy process; the more you can plan ahead the better you can be prepared for the unexpected.

2. Hire an attorney
When beginning the process of opening your pizzeria franchise you will first need to fill out a Franchise Disclosure Document. You are going to need expert advice to help walk you through this process. You may not understand legal mumbo-jumbo, but your lawyer will.

3. Build and Protect your brand
Your brand is everything. You need to nurture and protect it just like a child. With a franchise, you are now putting your brand and its integrity into other people’s hands. It is important to make sure that you are sending a clear message to all of your employees. Help them to fully realize exactly what you are looking for and what you expect.

4. Choose the right locations
You need to choose locations that make sense to your business. Obviously, you do not open your new pizzeria on a street with five other pizzerias. Choose a location where your pizzeria will really bring in brand new customers. You may also want to choose locations that are closer to the original, though they still need to be far enough away not to take away business. You are going to be visiting your franchise locations quite a lot, so make sure they are easy to travel to.

5. Know how you want to grow
Do you want to grow internationally or does it make more sense to stay put states wise. Whatever decision you do make, be strategic about it.

6. Have a Point of Sale system installed in all of your locations
A pizzeria requires fast, efficient order taking and processing. And a franchise has to deal with all kinds of inventory, reporting and tracking issues. A POS system will help you optimize your business and manage all of your pizzerias from one single location.

Franchising a pizzeria takes a lot of time and commitment, but the more time and effort you put into it, the bigger the pay off.

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