5 Twitter strategies every pizzeria owner must know

5 Twitter strategies every pizzeria owner must know.

It seems like every person, business and company has something to say on social media. One of the greatest social media platforms, Twitter, has now become so popular that if your business does not have an account, then you are considered to be stuck in the Stone Age.

Twitter  was created by web developer Jack Dorsey in 2006 and has taken the world of social media by storm.

Twitter isn’t just for individuals; it is the perfect marketing strategy for pizzeria owners.

When using Twitter for your pizzeria it is important to:

1.    Relate to your customer

As the owner of a pizzeria, you know who your customer is; what they like, what they don’t like, and what keeps them coming back. Apply that to your social media marketing. Tweet about things and promotions that you know your customer would be interested in.  At the same time you also need to remain true to your business. Your customers like you for who you are, do not try to be something else.

2.    Plan your Messages

Owning a pizzeria takes a lot of time and energy. Plan out your tweets a head of time to take some of the pressure off of posting. Make sure you are tweeting things that will bring your customers in like promotions or coupons or any exciting events your establishment may be holding.

3.    Post your Messages

Since you took the time to plan your tweets, it is important to remember to post them.  It is recommended that you post 3-5 times/week.   You can post at the same time each week or whenever you feel like. Try it out and see what works for you.

 4.    Interact

Twitter is all about interactions. Talk to your customers. If they ask you questions via Twitter make sure you answer back.

 5.    Measure

Make sure that all of the time you are putting in towards your Twitter is paying off.  See if more people have followed you on Twitter or searched your Pizzeria on the internet. Are you reaching the amount of people you should be?

Once you implement these Twitter strategies you may even see a growth in sales.  It is important to have a Point of Sale system that will be able to effectively help your business grow. We at Sintel Systems have one of the best POS systems for pizzerias, that’s customized for their business, including:

  1. Fast and accurate order processing
  2. Training and support
  3. Effective management program
  4. Employee scheduling & time sheets
  5. Kitchen Display
  6. Label Printing for Boxes

With the New Year, why not try something different? Create a Twitter account for your pizzeria today!

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