6 Tips from Pros About Owning A Restaurant

6 Tips from Pros About Owning A Restaurant


Owning your own restaurant is no easy feat. Whether it’s the first restaurant you are opening or your fifth there is always something to be learned.

Well known restaurateurs such as Rodger Berkowitz (Legal Sea Foods), Tom Coliccho (Top Chef, Craft Family Restaurants) and Barbara Lynch (No.9 Park) to name a few spoke with inc.com  and compiled a list of six tips every restaurant owner should know.

1. Make Sure You Buy Wisely:  Danny Meyer (Union Square Hospitality Group ) suggests group buying. Group buying or collective buying is where products and services are offered at reduced prices on the condition that a minimum number of buyers would make the purchase. What Meyer’s liked most was that it preserved his company’s culture of “bottom-up leadership”.

2. Stay Close To Your Staff: Rodger Berkowitz (Legal Sea Foods ) holds forums where hourly wait staff and bartenders meet with Berkowitz to brainstorm new business ideas. It also allows his staff to discuss ideas or problems openly which can quickly resolve any questions or disagreements.

855-POS-SALE3. Define Your Role As Owner: Tom Coliccho (Top Chef, Craft Family Restaurants), as the owner of the restaurant it is vital that you figure out what you are best suited for. Perhaps you are not meant to run the business part, just the kitchen. It is up to you to hire and train someone you trust and respect to help you run that side of the business.

4. Focus on Your Guests’ Moods: Patrick O’Connell (The Inn at Little Washington , Washington, Virgina) quickly asses his customers moods from 1-10, with 7 indicating unhappiness. Staffers are then expected to go all out to make the customers mood reach a level 9. This can mean complimentary champagne or even a tour of the kitchen.

5. Make Sure You Have Room To Expand: Gerald Craft (Niche, St. Louis) recommends knowing and understanding your rights as a property owner. Know the local building codes and zoning laws to make sure that when the time does come to expand you know what to expect.

6. Push Yourself To Understand The P & L : Barbara Lynch (No. 9 Park , Boston), P & L or Profit Loss statement is extremely important for every business owner to know and comprehend. While you may feel more comfortable just running the kitchen, you are now expected to run the business as well. Take the time to understand the business part of your restaurant.

No one ever said running your own restaurant would be easy, but by listening to the guidance of those who have come before you, you can learn a lot about what kind of restaurant owner you may be.

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