Chicago Pizza Tours

Chicago Pizza Tours


Chicago and Pizza. Two words that is synonymous with each other.  There is not just one type of pizza. Chicago has deep dish, thin crust, pan pizza, oven-fired, artisanal, tavern style, Neapolitan and probably some chef somewhere is creating a new type of pizza as we speak.

Just as there is no one type of pizza, there is no such thing as the “Best Pizzeria in Chicago.”  There are just too many great pizzerias all over the city to narrow the list down to one.

If you are pizza fanatic then there is only one thing you need on your bucket list: Chicago Pizza Tours !

The company does extensive research to highlight different types of pizza and pizzerias that Chicagoans love.  The tour shows you Chicago “one slice at a time” traveling to the North neighborhoods all the way to the South Loop.

The tour runs for 3-3.5 hours long and stops at least four pizzerias all over the city. Some of the pizzerias the tour may stop at are Pequod’s in Lincoln Park, Italian Fiesta in Hyde Park (the Obama’s favorite pizza place) and Flo and Santos in the South Loop.

Even if you have lived in Chicago your entire life, the Chicago Pizza Tours may broaden your horizons and take you some place you never even thought of trying before.

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