8 Things You Should Not Do Every Day

Inc.com came out with a list of “8 Things You Should Not Do Every Day.”  Are you guilty of any of these bad habits?

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1.    Checking your phone while talking to someone else

There is nothing as rude as being in the middle of a conversation with someone, when they pull out their phone and start typing away. Pretty much they are saying “you are not as important as this text or email.”

No one likes the feeling of being ignored. Perhaps if you are guilty of this bad habit you should actively try stop. Who knows, people may notice?

2.    Multitasking during a meeting

Though you may constantly feel like you need to be doing a hundred things as once, sometimes it is okay to step back and focus on one thing at a time. Who knows what you might learn in a meeting that you would have been too busy to notice before.

3.    Thinking about people who do not make any difference in your life

Do you think the Kardashians or Ryan Gosling sit around thinking about you? Unless you know some people in very high places, it is highly doubtful.

Focus less on people who don’t affect your life and focus more on the people who do, like your family, friends and colleagues.

4.    Use multiple notifications

With the world right at our fingertips it can be hard to concentrate. But putting your email, phone, Twitter and Facebook away to focus on a very important project or task will only help you succeed. Every now and then it is okay to be a little disconnected.

5.    Let the past dictate the future

Fact: We all make mistakes. There is not a person on this planet that is entirely perfect. Just because you may have made a critical mistake in the past does not mean that you are going to make it again.

When you make a mistake, learn from it and move on.

6.    Wait until you are sure you will succeed

The world isn’t going to stop just because you are afraid to fall. Nothing in life is 100% guaranteed. Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith, whether it turns out successful or not.

7.    Talk behind someone’s back

Being an adult means you have the courage to tell someone something, whether it is positive or negative, to their face. We are no longer in high school. If you have an issue with a colleague, tell them so the conflict can be resolved.

Use your time to have productive conversations, not ones that put others down.

8.    Say “yes” when you really mean “no”

Don’t be a “yes man”. If you really do not want to, or do not have the time to, do something that a friend or colleague asks just say no!

You might feel bad for a few minutes, but then that person can find someone who is excited and willing to help them.

Saying no does not mean you are a bad person.

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