How to Increase Sales With a Point of Sale System

We don’t know anyone who wouldn’t like to increase sales, so we like the tips in this smart post from The Point of Sale News.





At a glance, the big news is all the new next-generation POS options intended to help operators increase sales rather than simply help reduce operating costs. Available features include:

1.    Integrated eCommerce – a new storefront not limited by geography or time

2.    Auctions – new sales channel and marketing channel

3.    Sales Order & Telephone Order modules

4.    CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – improved customer service

5.     Integrated mass email – low cost promotions

6.    Club pricing – improves customer loyalty

7.    Revolving A/R (Accounts Receivable) – improves customer loyalty through credit

8.    Customer loyalty points reward programs

9.    Gift card sales and redemptions built into the software

10.  Suggestive selling prompts for cashiers

11.  Receipt printers produce marketing messages

12.  New Signature Capture devices display marketing messages at the checkout line

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