A Veteran, A Franchise Player

veteransThe International Franchise Association (IFA) VetFran program to recruit and hire veterans into franchising opportunities has been a resounding success.

One example is landscaper Hector Rodriguez, a franchisee with The Grounds Guys in West Hartford, Connecticut. Rodriguez was recently featured in Entrepreneur.com’s Franchise Players Q&A interview, titled “Franchise Players: Why Vets and Franchising Go Hand in Hand.”

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Two years ago, as a veteran, Rodriguez qualified for a franchisee discount under the VetFran program. As such, he leveraged the strong sense of perseverance and the strategic thinking skills he developed in the military to impact his entrepreneurial goals.

Some of the key takeaways from the Q&A interview post:

• After his military service, Rodriguez attempted to start a landscaping business, around the same time that he first learned about The Grounds Guys from an episode of “Undercover Boss.” When the show featured The Dwyer Group and one of their brands, The Grounds Guys, bells went off for the enterprising Rodriguez.

• Rodriguez researched the opportunity, and after asking the right questions and getting all the details, he quickly realized, “The Grounds Guys had what I was missing in the company I was trying to build … I was impressed because they didn’t have to help me out, but they did,” says Rodriguez. “Each and every one of them answered my questions with honesty and respect, and the core values really made an impression on me.”

• With his VetFran discount, Rodriguez sent $13,000 to buy into the franchise and soon, with The Grounds Guys system, he says, “It took my company to a whole other level.”

• Rodriguez plans to keep growing in West Hartford, but also envisions a dream of being the first Grounds Guys franchisee in Puerto Rico, where his family originated.

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Read the full Entrepreneur.com post here.    

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