Baltimore Restaurant Skips Restaurant Week For A Better Cause

150707083653-tabrizis-780x439As an active member of our own community, Sintel Systems enjoys sharing stories of business owners who do something remarkable for theirs.

Restaurant owner, Michael Tabrizi, of Tabrizi’s Mediterranean restaurant opted out of participating in this years Baltimore restaurant week and pledge to feed the homeless. Instead of offering a prix-fixe menu to regular customers he will close his restaurant from July 20-July 25 and feed the city’s less fortunate.

After much turmoil that has taken place in the city, Mr. Tabrizi wants to give Baltimore a break.

Having immigrated 30 years ago from Israel and faced many prejudices himself, he felt “People should remember it’s always good to hear kindness and its important to look people in the eye. The homeless feel less human — like they’re invisible. They just want to be respected.”

Although, Tabrizi knows closing will mean a loss in revenue, he pledged to spend 20,000 dollars more of his own money to host the event.

“I think the homeless need us more than ever right now,” he said. “We can always do restaurant week.”

The meal will be served buffet style with savory dishes like Cordon Bleu chicken, sparkling cider, and sides. Decor will include fine china and champagne flutes.

Sintel System Restaurant POS SoftwareHe has received endless support from the community members. Many businesses and restaurants have donated chicken or funds to help the cause.

Regular employees and volunteers will participate in the event. More than one hundred volunteers will help cook, serve, and shuttle people to and from shelters.

In one week Tabrizi hopes to serve more than a thousand people.

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