Best POS for Restaurants by Sintel Systems


Raffi: “In this industry, the last thing I want when I’m working at the restaurant is a crisis with my POS where I can’t process anything.

One of the greatest things about Sintel is, I have one contact, I have one technical support number. I pick up the phone, I call, boom- they’re there and they’ve got my issue resolved, so I don’t have to call 4 or 5 different vendors to figure out what is going on with my system.”

Sintel Systems is the only single-source and direct provider of POS solutions to the restaurant industry. By providing top grade hardware, professional software, all-inclusive technical support, global gift and loyalty network with mobile app, replacement warranty, cloud services and online ordering directly synced with the POS and embedded PCI / EMV merchant services, Sintel Systems makes the process of setting up and using, managing and maintaining the POS system as simple and straightforward as it can be.



Sintel Systems’ all-inclusive technical support plans cover hardware, software, and all services related to your POS System. With just one number to call, employers and employees alike can work with confidence knowing that our technical support staff can remotely access the system to quickly diagnose and solve any eventuality.




  • -Initial POS configuration
  • -Menu setup
  • -Inventory entry
  • -Menu changes
  • -Initial & follow-up training
  • -Inventory entry
  • -Updates and upgrades
  • -System back-ups


Sintel-Systems-POS-Install-About-Us-Power-Hardware-1 Sintel-Systems-POS-Install-About-Us-Cable-Hardware-1
  • Our POS systems arrive at the restaurant with the software installed and cables attached. Installation is as easy as connecting the POS to the power and network and connecting the printer and cash drawer.


To learn more about how Sintel Systems can work for your restaurant business, contact Sintel Systems today.


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