Coffee Sales Slumpin’ at Dunkin’

Dunkin’ Donuts Face Competition


Dunkin’ Donuts are feeling the effects of competition coming from McDonald’s and Burger King.

Afternoon coffee sales have slumped as McDonald’s and Burger King offer a wider range of choices at a cheaper price.

“It’s becoming a little bit more crowded, a bit more aggressive, but I think that’s what Dunkin’ enjoys,” Travis said. “We enjoy fighting hard around the country.”

Shares dropped nearly 4% following the comments.

Dunkin’ Donuts Response

Dunkin is stepping up to offer exciting new products like cold brew and other upscale beverages. The brand will also be offering more value offers for the rest of year in addition to the chain’s current $1.99 Frozen Coffee promotion.

Longer term plans include producing more organic donuts and streamlining operations.

Although Dunkin’ Donuts afternoon coffee sales have fallen, overall it’s doing well, but this is largely due to increasing franchise fees.

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