Biometrics Preferred by Shoppers Over Social, Smartphone and Contactless Technology

167421839Security-minded shoppers, when asked about their most popular future technology choice, would like to have biometric payments such as fingerprint, palm or iris scanners over emerging mobile phone options.

Planet Biometrics is reporting on new research, which revealed that nearly one in two shoppers (49%) would like to have biometric payments, far exceeding the popularity of mobile technology options such as online wallets, social media, SMS and PIN-based smartphone payments.

For the moment, smartphones are being used more for research and reporting in-store, shopping online after in-store browsing, checking prices, downloading coupons and vouchers, and posting shopping experiences via social media. Only 20% have ever made a payment of some kind using their smartphone.

Considering the findings and looking ahead, Ron Kalifa, Deputy Chairman at WorldPay, said, “Retailers can help drive mass adoption of new payment technologies by challenging existing shopping behaviors and most importantly, making a compelling case for new payment methods that consumers will understand and buy into. It’s interesting to see the public considering options such as biometric payments, a science that they may have seen in sci-fi films or on TV, which suggests familiarity and visibility of new payment technologies is crucial in moving usage from tech savvy enthusiasts to the wider public.”

He also stated that “the industry needs to take greater steps to challenge” consumers acting on “auto-pilot using cash, card and by paying online.”

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