Changing Careers in “Interesting Times”

interestingtimesToday’s potential franchise entrepreneurs may feel cursed for being incapable of forecasting the future. Is this the right time to make a career change? Is fear keeping your future on hold?

As the only full-service POS provider, from software development to our unparalleled ongoing support, we at Sintel Systems see a lot of folks looking to make a mid-life career switch, even in these uncertain times.

In an article posted on their website, “Career Change: If It’s Right, The Time Is Always Right,” looks into how fear plays a role in any change.

“We humans are pre-wired to seek safety and survival,” they write. “We feel better with what we know. To change anything, we have to overcome what author Steven Pressfield termed ‘the lizard brain’.”

With all the uncertainties, venturing into new territory is scary enough on its own. But it’s also true that resisting by pulling back from pursuing the right opportunity can have bad consequences for all time.

The article lists some surprising companies that were founded in times of economic turmoil:

General Electric, 1890

Global recession, crash of the US economy, run on the gold supply

IBM, 1896

Prolonged economic slump

General Motors, 1908

Aftermath of another U.S. financial crash

Walt Disney Productions, 1929

In the middle of the Great Depression

Burger King, 1953

Inflationary conditions, post-Korean War

Microsoft, 1975

Stagflation, OPEC oil crisis

CNN, 1980

Double Dip Recession, Fed raised interest rates to stave off inflation

Apple, 2001

Re-launched in aftermath of dot-com bubble burst

FPC of Valdosta, 2008

Just as the Great Recession struck

In these “interesting times” for franchise hopefuls, says there are many good reasons to believe the time is always right. “You may have to work harder than you would have during better times,” they write, “But you may also find opportunities that others will miss because they’ve given in to fear or given up completely.”

Also, those who begin a new career in tough times are unlikely to be troubled by negative comparisons. What boom? They’re contending with what’s happening now, and generally come across as a business owner who’s more positive, confident and more likely to do well with customers who like seeing those traits in a service provider.

So keep looking for the next career move that’s right for you and when you find it, take’s advice. “If you get excited thinking about it, if it makes good use of your skills and experience, if it has the potential to provide future security for you and your family – and especially if it represents the fulfillment of a life-long dream – go for it.”

Before you make your franchise move, consider calling Sintel Systems for a free phone consultation to help weigh and understand your options. We serve as a franchise incubator for clients across the retail, restaurant and service industries, forming lasting partnerships with our clients that you simply can’t get from a reseller.

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