frozenyogurt2In an article posted on their website, “Why Everyone Is Rushing To Open Frozen Yogurt Stores,” BusinessInsider (BI) looks into how the frozen yogurt (froyo) market sector is once again booming.

Given the strong presence Sintel Systems has in the frozen yogurt segment of the restaurant POS marketplace, we share these findings with our customers and franchise hopefuls looking for key opportunities. We also happily share our vast experience and expertise in the frozen yogurt market sector and geographic growth trends with startup owners in order to help them make the best decisions from the very beginning.

Here are the highlights from BI’s blog post from earlier in the year:

Sourcing Transparency

BI writes, “According to the Wall Street Journal, small stores and large chains alike all get their ingredients from the same few manufacturers (with the exception of Pinkberry, which has its own proprietary recipe for its yogurt and develops each flavor individually).”

Big Footprint

Ben & Jerry’s now sells a variety of froyo by the pint in grocery stores.

Keep It Simple

In New York City, BI sees most chains following a similar formula, starting with sourcing, mentioned above, but also including self-serve, offering a variety of toppings, and a similar look which the Wall Street Journal calls “Tokyo preschool lounge,” with “bright, neon colors and curvy, plastic furniture.”

Show Me the Margin!

Good profit margins make for attractive investments, right? BI quotes a CBS New York report that froyo selling for 59 cents costs less that a dime to make — a 500% markup on a 10-oz. serving with a cup and spoon. High profit margins and high population density can overcome high rents.

Serving Up Aces

Many of the shops in these chains are self-serve, with employees found only at the cash register.

Read the full Business Insider post here.

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