Chef Robert Irvine on Restaurant Technology

British chef Robert Irvine, best known for his Food Network Show, Restaurant Impossible, recently spoke with Hospitality Technology to discuss how restaurants can make technology work for them.


Irvine spoke about how he feels restaurateurs tend to underutilize Point of Sale Systems. “The systems have many different capabilities beyond just ordering food including helping to manage inventory and can issue a variety of reports. The trouble is that most owners do not understand their full capabilities and thus are not maximizing their potential.”

When asked about what specific technology has most changed the restaurant industry, Irvine stated the Internet: “The Internet, in general, has dramatically changed the business…A reliable, scalable data connection is foundational to running a successful restaurant. The Internet has forced restaurants to rethink what is means to serve up a great customer experience, inside and outside of the restaurant. Technology has raised the bar of the industry and restaurants have to stay above the bar knowing that  customer feedback is instantaneous and online posts can have direct impact on who’s coming to dinner that night.  “

Irvine also spoke about how technology can completely turn a business around, “Technology is driving the conversation through ergonomics and synchronomics – tracking the prep-time, cooking, plating and delivery of each meal.”  By investing in quality technology training, you and your staff will feel the full affects of your POS system and what it can allow you to do.

We realize that there is more to your Point of Sale system then you may have realized. A POS system can not only save you time but save you money through such features as inventory tracking and employee time keeping. Beyond that, a POS system can reduce shrinkage, track food usage and can be managed anywhere using remote access.

A POS system is meant to help make your life as a business owner as stress free as possible. You can focus on your customers and let your POS manage the back office. At Sintel, our number one goal is to make your life as a POS owner hassle free. We are the only full service POS provider from our software development to our exceptional support. And with our integrated credit card processing and merchant accounts service and advice is only one phone call away.

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Read the full interview here.

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