CMOs Must Change Their POV On POS


At Sintel, we encourage small shop owners to learn from, and begin thinking like, the big guys. Your company may not yet have a Chief Marketing Officers (CMO), but it’s never too early to align your POS system with your marketing efforts.

In a recent MediaPost News’ Marketing Daily blog post titled “Why Your CMO Should Care About the Point of Sale,” we found a thoughtful argument for a deeper connection between CMOs and their point of sale system.

The blog outlines how big brand retailers can reap tremendous competitive advantages by turning the Internet, mobile technology and their POS systems into a key marketing tool. Marketing Daily cautions Chief Executive Officers, “… if your CMO doesn’t know what’s going on within the point of sale, you’re in big trouble.”

Here’s a quick summary as to why, based upon the post, your CMO should care about the POS system and how to use it effectively as a marketing tool:

– POS is more than just a place for customer payments and a physical cash register. Rather, POS includes payment processing, customer data analytics, inventory tracking, and extends beyond the store walls to encompass e-commerce and mobile technologies. Marketing Daily writes, “The point-of-sale system should be viewed as a vital marketing command center.”

– Merchants may now collect unprecedented amounts of customer data and analytical capabilities are advancing rapidly. “CMOs need to work with their IT and data science teams to determine how to best capture store-level and customer-level data via the point-of-sale system so they can use this information to make better business decisions.”

– Marketing strategies must find a large role for the smart devices in customers’ hands and other “increasingly mobile software and hardware [so that merchants will] be able to learn more about who the customer is, see historical purchase behavior, and even search data in some cases — giving them a much wider window into what their customers want.”

– Over time, tracking purchasing behaviors and preferences allow merchants to strengthen customer loyalty as they deliver more relevant and timely rewards and incentives, thereby driving more consumers into the store. “Learning a customer’s preferences and habits, and giving them early access to certain products, personalized deals and loyalty programs that are relevant to their preferences further demonstrate how much you value them.”

– Extend the POS and get closer to customers by having a mobile app to make online and in-store customer shopping experiences more interactive and personal, easier and more fun. “For example, Nordstrom customers appreciate the ability to shop from their phones and then be able to pick up items at the store quickly and conveniently.”

Read the full Marketing Daily post here.

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