Chinese Restaurant Point of Sale Software

With the variation of options given at Chinese restaurants Sintel Software has created a user friendly software to manage your restaurant. Choices at Chinese restaurants may include family style options or individual combo plates and extend to alternatives like chicken, beef, tofu, and so on. Sintel Software’s Chinese Point of Sale Software is tailored to your restaurants needs. Customized to fit your menu, our tech support will modify the interface to properly suit your business.

Provide the best customer service with our Chinese Restaurant POS Software while simultaneously overseeing your company. Administering your Chinese restaurant has never beeSintel Software Chinese Restaurant POS Softwaren easier.

Sintel Software’s Chinese Restaurant POS Software and technical support is licensed through Sintel Systems Global Point of Sale (GPS). 

Whether a single-store location or an international franchise our expert software is designed with the business operation at its center. Sintel Software’s vast software portfolio offers solutions for retail, restaurant, and service industries including bakeries, grocery stores, salons, coffee shops, and frozen yogurt shops.

Sintel Software is exclusively developed for Sintel Systems GPS provider.

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