Frozen Yogurt Point of Sale Software

Sintel SoftwareSintel System Frozen Yogurt POS Software has been a long standing provider of Frozen Yogurt Point of Sale (POS) Software. With our extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry we have modeled our program accordingly. The Sintel Software team has thoroughly studied the market sector and trends in order to provide a competitive edge for potential customers.

Frozen yogurt shops are simple to operate but in order to be successful you must have a quality that makes you different from competitors. Sintel’s Frozen Yogurt POS Software saves owners time, which can be allocated on building your brand.

Catering to frozen yogurt shops we have implemented an integrated weight scale, tare function, hold order, and so on for quality customers service. Although, this is important we have also focused on regulatory functions. Being able to manage your store is crucial in a cutthroat industry. The Frozen Yogurt POS Software comes with employee management, sale reports, and inventory. Sintel Software’s Frozen Yogurt POS Software is your all in one system for administering your business.

Sintel Software’s Frozen Yogurt POS software and technical support is licensed through Sintel Systems Global Point of Sale (GPS). 

Whether a single-store location or an international franchise our expert software is designed with the business operation at its center. Sintel Software’s vast software portfolio offers solutions for retail, restaurant, and service industries including bakeries, grocery stores, salons, coffee shops, and

Sintel Software is exclusively developed for Sintel Systems GPS provider.

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