Does A Bakery Need A Store Front?

Whole Sale Bakery article @ Sintel SystemsThe most notable bakeries are rarely open to the public but instead sell wholesale baked good to grocery stores, convenience stores, and delis. Much like small bakeries, wholesale bakeries offer a wide range of breads and sweet treats.

Consider taking a different approach to your baking venture by opening a wholesale bakery.

Step 1: Before you begin filling paperwork for your business, consider what could differentiate you from other wholesale competitors. Take a definitive stance, whether using organic ingredient or baking gluten free good.

Step 2: Most states will not allow you to sell good to the public made in a home kitchen; therefore, acquiring a commercial kitchen space is critical.

Step 3: Obtain permits required by either your city or state, which may include food manager certification, food handler’s permit, liability insurance, sales tax permits, or food enterprise licenses.

Step 4: Purchase wholesale ingredients and equipment. Always use the freshest, preferably local ingredients for your bread and pastries. Using local sources for your ingredients will help you cut transportation costs.

Step 5: Create attractive memorable packaging that will help engage potential buyers.

Step 6: Before selling, establish a set of policies for your customers. Your policy may include a minimum purchasing amount, providing a resale license before opening an account, or requiring patrons to keep your labels on products.

Step 7: Compile a list of retailers that could potentially sell your products. Aim for small grocery stores, restaurants, or convenience stores that will most likely open an account with you.

Step 8: When meeting with possible accounts always know your product. Be able to offer valuable information about why you are different or special.

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