FDA Menu Labeling Requirement Delayed

FDA labeling delay article @ Sintel SystemsFDA labeling provision has been delayed until the end of 2016.

All major chains would have been required to print menus with calorie counts. Now, the Food and Drug Administration has announced restaurants will have until December 1, 2016 to comply with federal regulations. Extension came after many restaurants and business said they needed more time to adhere to the labeling requirement.

Restaurants are looking to implement software and technology to better display calorie labels.

Chains with twenty or more locations that sell prepared foods will have to post calorie content food clearly. This includes theater, bakeries, coffee shops, and pizza delivery stores.

New menus will remind patrons a 2,000 calorie diet is the basis for a daily supply of nutrients. Additional information will include sodium, sugar, and fat upon request.

The Obama administration new regulations are attempting to combat obesity and other health issues.

Some of the rules are very complex. Grocery stores are excluded from labeling prepared foods that feed more than one person.

Commissioner for foods, Michael Taylor, announced more guidance rules will  be released later in the summer to address questions business owners may have,

This delay is the second since its issuance last November. It took the FDA several years to write the ordinance because grocery store, convenience markets, an pizza delivery operations lobbied against the provision.

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