Does Your Restaurant Need A Mobile App?

Does Your Restaurant Need A Mobile App?

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Mobile apps come in all shapes and sizes: games, maps, news, even your bank probably has a mobile app. They are created to make our lives easier and sometimes even a little more fun.

It is rather shocking to learn, thanks to data recently released by Pew Research, that only 35% of Americans own a Smartphone.

With less than half of Americans owning a Smartphone, does your business need its own mobile app?  came up with a few great questions to ask before going full speed ahead.

  1. Are you trying to reach the most people possible?
  2. Do you need a mobile app or a mobile Web site?
  3. Do you have the time to do the care and feeding of a mobile app?
  4. What phones do your customers use?

While a mobile app may sound like a great idea, would your customers use it? Your mobile apps must make your customers lives: Easier, Cheaper and Fun.

According to Nielson, among consumers who are willing to pay for an app, 93% would spend money on a game, 87% on an entertainment app and 84% would purchase a productivity app and a maps/search app.

Sit down with your team and brainstorm if a mobile app would drive customers to your business or if there is another marketing step that makes better sense for your company.

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