Moveable Feasts: Six Mobile Food Ideas

Moveable Feasts: Six Mobile Food Ideas


Entrepreneur has some great ideas for getting rolling with a mobile food restaurant business. In brief:

1. Food Kiosks: Consider the temporary, quick-serve kiosk for its low overhead, flexibility and ease with which it can be opened and closed. These typically appear at indoor locations including malls, stadiums and movie theaters.

2. Food Carts and Concession Trailers: This decades-old, multi-billion dollar industry has recently expanded from simple ice cream and hot dogs to items such as kebabs, gyros, salads and fish & chips. Food can be prepared in advance of purchased ready-made.

3. Food Trucks: Able to carry “more sophisticated equipment for storing, serving, cooking and preparing foods,” food trucks can offer everything from a traditional quick lunch, food stocked from concessionaires, chain chow or chef-driven gourmet fare. “They can do big business in corporate parks and places that have limited access to restaurants” but require more space for parking, both on- and off-duty. The two types of food trucks are the more expensive mobile food preparation vehicle (MFPV) and the industrial catering vehicle (ICV), selling only prepackaged foods.

4. Gourmet Food Trucks: Run by ambitious young chefs serving unexpected foods (ethnic fusion, signature sandwiches, upscale cupcakes) that are more likely to be prepared on board, these operators tend to use social media to draw their audience.

5. Mobile Catering Businesses: Cousin of the food truck, the mobile catering business is less risky because, being hired for specific events, the product has been ordered in advance and is going to a specific destination.

6. Bustaurants: While a new, unproven concept, double-decker dining is an interesting option in which food is prepared below while diners eat above. Drawbacks are licensing issues and the cost of refurbishing a bus.

This article is excerpted from Start Your Own Food Truck, part of the Start Your Own Series by Entrepreneur Press.

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