For Customer and Client Satisfaction: Email or Phone Call?

For Customer and Client Satisfaction: Email or Phone Call? 

That is the question. Which is best? What is your stance on emailing versus calling a client or employee?

Are you still “old school” when it comes to choosing communication methods for your business?

While there is no right or wrong forms of communication, there are some things to keep in mind.

  • If you need a problem resolved fast, or a quick answer to a question email may not be your friend. Making a quick phone call can resolve the issue in a matter of minutes. While with an email it may take hours if not days.
  • Though the anonymity behind an email can be nice, sometimes though a phone call is what’s socially acceptable. When you need to share bad or sensitive news it is definitely best to call. An email can be misinterpreted and taken the completely out of context.
  • When it comes sending out a thank you note, you can write an email. But, a hand written thank you note may be the way to go. It shows the recipient that you care and you took the time to sit down and write them a personal message.

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