Franchise Expansion In A Diverse World

franchiseFornino chef Karl Wilder, writing for on “How To Franchise With Integrity… and Control,” discusses a recent experience that gave him new insight into how a franchise may adapt and grow in diverse cultures.

Known for his three artisanal New York City pizza establishments, Wilder was recently given the opportunity to consult with the Magnolia Bakery franchise to create a café menu for new stores in the Middle East.

Chef Wilder presents a list that would benefit any current, or potential, franchisers and franchisees:

Retain control.

“Just like a co-op, retain the right to charge an assessment for additional costs for work done in the interest of the franchisee,” Wilder writes. “This might be additional staff training, special menus or product development for a specific market.”

Own your name.

Wilder cautions franchisers about the world’s culture of imitators, and writes, “If you don’t protect the rights to your name worldwide, there is nothing to stop China from opening under the same name and creating similar food.”

Be responsible for your food. 

“If you are famous for your tacos, make sure they source ingredients with the same integrity you do,” Wilder advises. “You can even specify brands and drop ship products that are not locally available.” 

However, franchises must learn to…

Adapt for local markets.

“Think globally, act locally within your markets,” says Wilder, who is currently working with Fornio CEO Michael Ayoub to develop non-pork soppressata, pancetta, and prosciutto for markets that forbid pork. Again, Wilder, “If you are going into Key West, you need a conch on the menu, if headed into San Francisco, a vegan, gluten-free version of your product would be very appropriate.”

Visit often.

“Check the integrity of your franchises. Taste the food. Engage in additional staff training if needed. Never be a negligent parent,” Wilder writes. “As your family of restaurants grows, the amount of careful training and supervision needed grows as well.”

Have fun. 

Finally, he asks, “How exciting is it to have something that other cities or cultures want to share?” and concludes, “Enjoy your expansion!”

Read Chef Karl Wilder’s full post here.

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