Franchising In a Big City

Opening a restaurant franchise in a big city such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles may sound ideal, but these high volume locations come with a lot of special traits that you may have not foreseen.

168730145 (1)While in the suburbs, you may be used to large spaces, in a city expect smaller square footage paired with an extremely high rent.

Other things that need to be considered are:

– Where and when deliveries will take place?

– Do you have a place to store the trash? If not what do you do?

– Are you following the local municipality’s rules for renovation?

– Did you hire the right staff that can handle the tough cliental of a city?

These are only a small list of what needs to be handled before opening your franchise.  Nation’s Restaurant News Recently published an article breaking down all of this and more when opening a franchise in a large urban market.

Read the entire post here.

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