Frozen Yogurt vs. Ice Cream Which is Healthier?

fro-yo vs. ice cream this or thatWhich one is healthier: frozen yogurt or ice cream?

Very often you hear the discussion if frozen yogurt is healthier than ice cream or if ice cream is healthier than frozen yogurt.

Frozen yogurt sales have raised an average of 21% every year since 2008. While in the last seven years the numbers of frozen yogurt stores have increased. The frozen yogurt chain Menchie’s did a survey which showed that 95% of Americans think frozen yogurt is superior for them than ice cream. Many people relate to frozen yogurt with the probiotic-rich Chobani yogurt. But not all frozen yogurt is the same. The coldness of the frozen yogurt kills the healthy bacteria. Therefore several makers add extra probiotics to their frozen yogurt.

brrr berry angel and devilFrozen yogurt is low in saturated fat and has minor calories per ounce than Ice cream brags more fat. This is not also a bad thing, though. “Fat can slow the body’s digestion of sugar, meaning you’ll feel more satisfied and won’t experience a blood sugar spike like you might with a swirl of sweetened yogurt. Many fro-yo brands also add sugar substitutes that could cause digestive issues like bloating or cramping.”, says Alissa Rumsey

fro-yo and ice cream nutrition chartFrozen yogurt averages about 100 calories per ½ cup. When you completely fill a 16 or 24 ounce frozen yogurt cup , you fill your cup with more than 500 calories only with yogurt! And when you add some toppings like M&M’s you will have a dessert that has more calories than a Big Mac.

After all, it depends on the ingredients and the way the frozen yogurt or the ice cream is made. When you make your frozen yogurt/ice cream with healthy ingredients it is indeed healthier than when your make your frozen yogurt/ice cream with unhealthy ingredients (see chart as an example). Frozen yogurt can be a healthy snack of even a meal if you add healthy toppings like fruits and grains because of the already included sugar in the yogurt.

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