Halloween is Here


Halloween is a great time of year for promotions for your business. Adults and children alike are excited to have fun and get in the ‘spirit’ of things!

So you’ve already got your perfect promotion ready. Maybe your customers turn up in costume and they receive a discount or free item.

If you’ve decorated your location, make sure the look is complete with a customized customer display. Offering themed items at your POS is a sure fire way to catch customer’s attention, leading to higher sales and repeat business from satisfied customers who’ve had a great experience.

Customer display customization is just one of many services included in Sintel Systems’ unlimited and all-inclusive technical support plan. This tool can be be used throughout the year. Display photos of your best customers and best promotions. If you have a POSupport plan, email Support@SintelSystem.com with your request.

To learn more about our unlimited and all-inclusive technical support plan, click here, or contact us today for more information about how Sintel Systems can benefit your place of business.

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