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Sintel Systems POSupport


To better understand the extensive and all-inclusive nature of the Sintel Systems POSupport program, it is best to ask why POSupport covers such a wide range of services. The business world calls for partners that are always looking out for your best interests. Business owners are often occupied with the vast array of operational aspects and need partners that will address their concerns proactively and efficiently. You also need foresight into expenses and costs without surprises and/or incidental costs every time you need help. These are the fundamental reasons why Sintel Systems created an extensive support infrastructure known as Sintel Systems POSupport. It essentially covers every POS-related need so that you can concentrate on operations and growth…because we only grow when you grow.

What does Technical Support cover?

Technical Support covers hardware, software, and all services related to your POS System. There is only one number to call for all of your support needs. We help with the initial setup and training. We are there for you and your management team to help train future employees and implement marketing campaigns using your POS System. In other words, we like to be involved and assist with anything that is POS-related.

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To learn more about all that is covered by Sintel Systems POSupport plan, click here. To speak with a specialist about how Sintel Systems can help your business, call 855-POS-SALE or submit an inquiry here.

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