Kitchen Display Systems – Restaurant & QSR POS System

The Best Kitchen Display System Available

Sintel Systems Global POS continues to advance its Kitchen Display (KDS) System for operations ranging from fine-dining establishments to fast food restaurants (QSR).

Sintel Systems KDS hardware brings durability with aluminum housing, stability with solid state hard drive, speed with powerful processors & upgraded RAM, easy cleaning with zero-bezel design, and power savings and noise reduction with fan-less heat sink technology. Oversized screens and optimal bump bars allow for interaction from distances beyond reach making Sintel Systems KDS the perfect solution for any operation.


With mode specific labeling, staff from cooks to severs and expediters can easily communicate and distinguish between the types of orders including Take-Out, Dine-In, Drive-Thru, Online Orders, and Delivery. KDS systems diversify by categorizing and sending specific parts of an order to the designated station allowing increased productivity so cooks only see what they need to prepare and expediters compile, serve, and complete orders faster. Full color displays further enhance staff’s ability to distinguish between and within orders to ensure increased accuracy and higher customer satisfaction.


Online orders are fast becoming an ever increasing part of any restaurant operation and projected to grow rapidly. Sintel Systems advanced KDS can channel orders placed online though the website or mobile app directly to the POS and then to a designated KDS showing all online orders on a single screen.


Drive-thru transactions making up a significant portion of total orders render speed, accuracy and efficiency, extremely critical. Sintel Systems KDS multi-labeling options offer prioritization of drive-thru orders including also sending those orders to specified KDS just like online orders making any operation much more efficient.

Image-1-KDS-Kitchen-Display-Systems-POS-FryerDedicated managers mode allow for oversight by management over any KDS from a single screen. Overseeing and controlling your operation just become easier with Sintel System managers KDS. See any KDS screen from a single location to ensure orders are moving along efficiently and without unnecessary delay. Flashing and timed color coded alerts notify of delayed orders.

To learn more about Sintel Systems complete POS solutions for restaurants, click here. To speak with a product specialist or arrange a live, online demo, contact Sintel Systems today.

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