Modes For Restaurant & Fast Food (QSR) POS


8 Powerful Modes

Sintel Systems is the only POS provider offering 8 powerful modes with restaurant and fast food/QSR POS software.

Stay one step ahead of your competitors with online ordering directly from your website to your POS with audio notifications and drive-thru and delivery capabilities.

Fast Food Restaurant POS Modes
Sintel Systems robust, all-in-one kitchen display systems are directly integrated with professional restaurant POS software. With mode specific labeling, staff from cooks to severs and expediters can easily communicate and distinguish between the types of orders including Take-Out, Dine-In, Drive-Thru, Online Orders, and Delivery. KDS systems diversify by categorizing and sending specific parts of an order to the designated station allowing increased productivity so cooks only see what they need to prepare and expediters compile, serve, and complete orders faster.

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