Know What Your Customer Wants before They Do


It is a sad fact to face, but customers are a lot less loyal then they used to be. Also, with social media consumers now hold the power in their hands. If they don’t like something about your business or their experience, they can turn to Facebook, Twitter even Yelp to quickly share their story.

Because of these two major shifts in consumer behavior, it is important for restaurants and retailers to get in the mindset of their consumer to figure out what they need or want.  wrote an article titled “5 Way to Know What Your Customers Want Before They Do.” Their suggestions are:

1. Stand in your customers shoes: Think as if you are the customer; consider their full range of choices. Understand your competitors to set yourself apart.

2. Staple yourself to a customer’s order: Track your customers experience within your business. What are some areas that your business needs to work on to make the customer experience even better?

 3. Field diverse customer teams: Everyone in your company should be trained in dealing with your consumers, from members of your back office to senior management.

4. Learn together with customers: “GE invited its top customers in China, along with local executives and account managers, to a seminar on leadership and innovation. Doing so not only helped GE executives better understand the mindset of Chinese counterparts; it also helped them to influence that mindset.”

5. Lean forward and anticipate: “Focus on what customers will want tomorrow.” Your business always needs to be one step ahead of your consumers and competitors. Never settle, always keep your business moving forward.

Your overall customer engagement should always be as important to you as it is to your customers. A great experience is what keeps people coming back for more and hopefully turning them into loyal customers and even brand evangelists that spread the good word across social media.

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