The Farm-to-Table Trend


What is Farm-to-Table fare? Farm-to-Table is when food produced locally is then delivered to local consumers. from the Discovery Channel interviewed several renowned chefs about the “farm-to-table food movement.” Tom Colicchio, Chef/Owner of Craft Restaurants and Colicchio and Sons and judge on Bravo’s Top Chef said this about farm-to-table:

“It’s really buying food from people who are producing food on a very small scale. Usually it’s better. Usually the closer you can get to eating something that comes out of the ground, the better it’s going to be if it’s produce. If you’re buying stuff that’s shipped from halfway around the world, by the time it gets here it may be out of the ground for two weeks. If you can get something out of the ground within 24 hours and you’re cooking it, it’s night and day.”

Charlie Trotter, Executive Chef at Charlie Trotters described how Farm-to-Table is really just an extension of what began in the 60’s and 70’s.

“The Farm-to-Table Movement is an extension of kind of what began in the ’60s and ’70s, with, if you will, almost the hippie movement, or the back-to-the-earth movement, or the organic food, or the natural food, or support-the-local-farmer movement.”

Farm-to-Table has become increasingly popular over the years and has even made its way to some popular Chicago eateries. listed some of their favorite places within the city for Farm-to-Table fare.

Bucktown: The Bristol

River North: Farmhouse

Logan Square: Lula Cafe

Lincoln Park: North Pond

Bridgeport: Pleasant House Bakery

West Loop: Province

Pilsen: Nightwood

Where is your favorite place in Chicago for Farm-to-Table cuisine?

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