McDonald’s US Stores Expected to Shrink

Chipotle article @ SIntel SystemsAs part of McDonald’s Turnaround Plan, the traditional quick serve burger chain is expected to be closing a “minimal” amount of US Stores. For the first time in more than forty years McDonald’s is decreasing. According to an Associated Press review the last time the burger chain experienced more closures than opening within a year was during the 1970s.

There are a total of 14,300 US stores but spokesperson for the company declined to provide exactly how many would close.

Chains, like Chipotle and Shake Shack, are vying for the QSR market share.

McDonalds enjoyed rapid expansion for decades and did in fact become the most renowned burger chain. New breeds of better burger chains have stolen much of its customers. Consumers demand quality and McDonald’s has failed to change with preferences.

Industry analysis say the problem has been overconfidence and lack of a fresh perspective coming in.

A overcrowded menu in recent years has also slowed down wait times and led to inaccurate orders.

Approximately 700 under performing locations around the globe will close this year. Steve Easterbrook,who became CEO March 1, laid out plans for internal company affairs reconstruction.

Unlike other years the number of restaurants closing will not outweigh restaurants opening. Stores closing will include franchise and company owned that drag down the bottom line.

In times of decline reducing the amount of stores or halting expansion is not unusual. Although, Starbucks closed many U.S. coffee shops in 2008, which helped strengthen existing stores. Since, they have continued to expand.

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