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wakaberrysouthafrica copyNigeria is a country on the coast of West Africa, bordered by the Niger River on the north. The population is about 177,155,754 inhabitants (est. 2014). Its capital is Abuja and the spoken languages there are English (official), Hausa, Ibo, Yoruba, and other languages.

Nigeria has been experiencing one of the largest economic growth rates in Africa. Sintel Systems has been an effective partner in providing Point of Sale Systems across many industries in Nigeria including Restaurants, Frozen Yogurt, Retail, Bakery, Pizza, Salon, Produce and Grocery, Coffee Shop, Chinese Food, Back Office, etc.

working in nigeriaThe national economy of Nigeria is the biggest in Africa. In West Africa, Nigeria is the most important country politically and economically. Nigeria holds significant power and is richer than any other West African nation.

Oil is Nigeria’s most important export product. More than the half of it is exported to the United States. Including rubber and cacao, which are also important export products.

Tourism has in Nigeria little importance and takes part in less than 1% to proceeds. Still, the number of tourists increases every year. Only the west of the country is developed for tourism in small scale. In this area the expedition tourism reigns mainly. Nigeria’s main trading partners are Germany, China, Belgium, USA, and Great Britain. The main export product of Nigeria is petroleum, which accounts along with petroleum products 95% of exports. Imported goods are principally machinery, vehicles, chemical and electrical products.

Sintel Systems affords many stores in Nigeria with different Systems.

For example, Sintel Systems provides the frozen yogurt store called Sweet Kiwi with Point of Sale systems.


Also the ice cream store named Hatlab uses Sintel System Software.


Sintel SystemsSintel System Restaurant POS Software is the only full-service provider of tailored Point of Sale systems across restaurant and service industries, including lunch truckssushi restaurants,frozen yogurt shopsbars, and juice bars.

Sintel Systems is here to help your business grow. As a single source for business solutions, our experienced, knowledgeable team negotiates the complex POS landscape for you to enable you to find the right POS system for your business and budget.Hardware – Software – Support

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