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Serving Your Customers, Their Way


Sintel Systems is a global leading provider of complete point of sale solutions, all from a direct and single source.

As specialists in full service restaurants and QSR / fast food operations, Sintel Systems offers expert advice to find the right solution for all your business needs.

As the food service landscape changes, staying relevant means catering to new customers and new habits.

“If you’re not in on this delivery thing, you’re going to miss out.”

You’d have to be living under a rock to not notice how important online ordering and delivery have become to the merchant and the customer.

The influence of Netflix has allowed companies such as Doordash, UberEats and others to explode, as people prefer to stay and eat in the comfort of their homes.

Complete Point Of Sale

Sintel Systems offers everything you need to survive in today’s market.

Top grade hardware includes dedicated kitchen display systems for online orders, delivery and pick-up to drive-thru and everything in between, improving efficiencies and profits.

Professional software, all inclusive technical support, global gift and loyalty card network with mobile app, and embedded merchant account services means you have one complete POS system, all covered by one technical support team, all from a direct and single source.

To speak with a specialist or arrange live online demo, contact Sintel Systems today.

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