Papaya Pastry Incorporates Sintel System’s Bakery POS

Papaya Pastry is a small bakery that opened in 2010 and that offers a variety of pastries, cakes, and cookies to its local residents. Papaya Pastry takes great pride in selling unique pastries that cannot be found at any other bakeries. Recently Papaya Pastry partnered with Sintel Systems Global Point of Sales (POS) in order to integrate their bakery with a new POS solution to increase the store’s efficiency. Sintel System POS offers a one stop solution for all Bakery POS needs and it turned out to be exactly what Papaya Pastry was in search of.

According to Ernest, who works at Papaya Pastry, “Before Sintel Systems we had to use pen and paper to take custom cake orders. But now with the help of this POS system we can take custom cake orders in the POS system which makes our lives and our customer’s lives way easier.”

Papaya Pastry allowed us further insight as to what the business was like before acquiring the Sintel System Bakery POS.

“Before that, when we didn’t have the POS system, we had to make wild guesses, now we don’t have to make guesses, everything is there,” Ernest said. There is quite a stark contrast between the before and after of this business’ choice to partner with Sintel Systems.

The Sintel System POS happens to be the only POS to offer bakeries the custom cake ordering option. Ernest agrees with this and states that “You cannot find the custom cake option in other POS systems, plus it keeps track of customers, our sales, and basically we have the big picture about the business….”

Bakery POS-System-Papaya-Pastry

Papaya Pastry now has an easier time running its business because they have a system that supports what the bakery needs in terms of service and technology.

To newly opening or already existing bakeries out there looking for a new POS bakery software system, Ernest gives two of the biggest reasons as to why Papaya Pastry chose the Sintel System Bakery POS. The first reason being the custom cake ordering option, a really important POS factor to this bakery. The second reason was excellent customer service under Sintel System’s all inclusive technical support plan that covers all needs from systems configuration, to menu setup, unlimited training, updates and even software version upgrades at no additional cost. That is in addition to 24 hour technical support through email, phone and text.

Sintel Systems can provide all businesses with the best POS systems and is the perfect partner to help businesses such as Papaya Pastry better serve its customers.

Sintel Systems is the leading global, direct and single source POS Provider to the bakery, frozen yogurt, coffee shop industries and more. Sintel Systems offers unlimited technical support as part of its support plan and provides hardware support, software support, cloud services, gift/loyalty card network with mobile app and embedded merchant account services.

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