Speed Is Key in Fast Food Drive Thrus

Everyone always wants their Fast Food Drive Thrus experience to be fast. It’s what every customer wants as soon as they decide what fast food restaurant they want to grab food at. The shorter the drive-thru lines, the more likely customers are to eat there.

For a long time, speed of service at drive-thrus has been the key factor in helping a customer decide at the last second whether to get in line behind the other cars, or if they should go eat someplace else. Well, the want for speed and efficiency hasn’t really changed throughout the years. What has changed is the types of drive-thru processes put in place by different quick serve restaurants.

Sintel-Systems-POS-QSR-Fast-Food-Drive Thrus-Chicken-Chick-Fil-A-1

These changes and drive-thru innovations involve wireless headsets and dual lanes for better capacity. Take Chick-fil-a and In n Out for example, they have both implemented the wireless headsets and dual lanes to shorten their lines. Recently however, there has been a decline in speed that can in part be attributed to the complexity of some of the food available at quick serve restaurants. Restaurants like McDonalds have also introduced healthier options that sometimes take longer to prepare. The introduction of bigger menus with an even greater assortment of foods to choose from means it takes more time to order. Some restaurants also give their customers the option to customize their food order which again means it takes longer to prepare. And it’s interesting to see that a growing trend of customers opt for drive-thru instead of indoor dining. Mobile ordering, at places like Starbucks, El Pollo Loco, and Burger King, and various delivery food services are also gaining favor and interest.

But with such a strong focus on speed, it becomes necessary for restaurants to adopt a Point of Sale (POS) system that can help a restaurant deliver their food faster, without having to sacrifice good customer service.

So for companies looking for speed as another asset in delivering food quicker and providing excellent customer service for a better experience, look to Sintel System for a solution. Sintel System’s POS system can do just this for restaurants looking to improve their restaurants overall speed performance. Sintel System offers a complete fast food POS system that is specialized with a Kitchen Display System (KDS), mobile and online ordering, delivery/driver app, a drive-thru system, cloud services, gift/loyalty cards, and embedded merchant account services. Sintel System’s KDS works well for full service restaurants, Chinese restaurants, bakeries, and especially with quick service restaurants. Sintel System’s POS system is perfect for restaurants with a drive thru.

Restaurants with a Sintel System KDS for their drive thru can look forward to working with a complete system that moves cars quickly, get orders done faster, and overall provides better service, speed, and more convenience to their customers.

Let Sintel Systems provide your restaurant business with the best POS system.

Sintel Systems is the leading global, direct and single source POS Provider to not only quick serve restaurants but also to bakeries, frozen yogurt shops, coffee shops and more. Sintel Systems offers unlimited technical support as part of its support plan and provides hardware support, software support, cloud services, gift/loyalty card network with mobile app and embedded merchant account services.

To learn more about how Sintel Systems can help improve your business, contact us today.