Restaurant TrendMapper Has Trend Spotting Trending Higher

97772966The National Restaurant Association (NRA) has released a new version of its Restaurant TrendMapper, an online subscription service that helps interested parties keep up-to-date with the latest economic indicators and trends in the restaurant space.

We spotted the news in an item titled “NRA Releases New Version of Trend Mapper,” at (QSRM).

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Here are many of the highlights of the QSRM post:

• QSRM reports that restaurateurs, analysts, allied industry professionals and others use the subscription service to follow trends such as the Restaurant Performance Index (RPI), sales, employment, capital expenditures, and wholesale food and menu price inflation.

• “Restaurant TrendMapper is a unique resource of industry data and analysis in easy-reference form, which eliminates the need to constantly dig through complicated data files to get a snapshot of what’s going on in the industry,” said Bruce Grindy, chief economist for the National Restaurant Association. The author of Restaurant TrendMapper, Grindy adds, “The service provides running analysis of key industry indicators that are crucial for tracking trends and planning strategically for the future.”

• Grindy uses, as an example, an operator eyeing food and commodity prices for menu planning. “If beef is projected to become more expensive, the operator might temporarily cut back and promote other proteins until price pressures ease,” Grindy tells QSRM.

• The Restaurant TrendMapper contains useful data for restaurant industry suppliers, breaking down capital expenditure plans by industry segment. “[This] can help allied professionals anticipate their own business conditions in the months ahead,” Grindy added.

• The very first Restaurant TrendMapper appeared in 2002. The system is continually updated with NRA research and forecasting and includes analysis of the latest data from government sources, including the Bureau of Labor Statistics and U.S. Census Bureau. QSRM reports that the service is also the exclusive source for aggregated data from the National Restaurant Association’s monthly RPI and Industry Tracking Survey. 

• Restaurant TrendMapper data is presented in both text and chart formats, and also features downloadable data files for use in other presentations.

• Additional topics covered include:

– Wage and hour trends
– Tourism
– Restaurant locations
– Macro-economic indicators
– Select state and regional data

Read the full post here.

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