RV Park – Security Cameras and Surveillance System

There are two general types of Recreational Vehicle (RV) parks. One that caters to travelers and the other ones as part of residential communities where RVs are parked or stored while at home.  Stonegate HOA is residential community north of Los Angeles, California in close proximity of Santa Clarita, Valencia, and Newhall.  The RV Park was having issues with the safety of the RVs parked in a fenced area located 0.5 miles from the homes.

The HOA would meet and many ideas were throw around about what to do including putting up really bright lights, installing an alarm system, or install perimeter sensing devices-none really resolving the issue at hand. Due to the HOA Office Building distance from the RV Parking Lot presented a challenge that had to be accounted for as well.

Solution for RV Park | Security Cameras

Security Cameras to deter activity and capture criminal activity.  Cameras were to be installed around the perimeter of the lot capturing the fence line all around, and withing. In order to be able to record 16 cameras simultaneously and transmit digital video of 16 cameras simultaneously, Sintel Systems provided a 16 Channel Hardware Compression DVR capable of real time recording.  That is up to 480 images per second (each camera is capable of producing 30 images per second).

Now that the plan was set for installation of security cameras, how would we watching the RV Park remotely which was 0.5 miles away from the office? It would have been great if broadband internet was available but the cable company was not able to provide service nor was the DSL Company.

Solution for Viewing RV Park Cameras | Internal Wireless Network

Since internet was not possible, an internal wireless network was the only way besides manually moving hard drive from one location to the next. Problems besides distance included 20ft to 30ft trees blocking the line of site needed to create a network. Using 24ft Poles, extensions were added to lift two antennas 35ft in the air to open a line of site between the two locations.  Once installed and configures, up to 100Mbs transmission was enough to broadcast all 16 images online.

In addition, the RV park lies about 40 miles north of Los Angeles where during the summers temperatures can range from freezing at night to over 100 F during summer days.  Digital Video Records produce heat and the direct sunlight does not help-hindering DVR performance.

Solution for DVR Temperature | Outdoor DVR Enclosure

The RV Park was relatively remote without any secure utility room.  A Climate Controlled Surveillance Enclosure was designed and built as a control center. The Climate Controlled Enclosure provided secure storage for the DVR and included off site system monitoring. Sensors continuously send signals back to Sintel Systems central processing center to alert of any changes in DVR performance, temperature, humidity, and many other factors. At the same time, all images were transmitted securely 0.5 miles away for in office viewing. Sintel Systems professionally delivered and successfully implemented a compressive Security Camera and Surveillance System with a H.264 Sintel DVR and 16 high quality security cameras.

Do you have an RV park? Do you park your RV in an RV park? Do you travel and stop by at RV Parks? RVs are the prefect way to get away without laving many of the comforts behind. So, head to the mountains, shoreline, forest, or anywhere where your freedom takes you.  Go RVing and let Sintel System provide the tools to protect your RVs. Call us 888-SINTEL-6


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