Subway Adding POS Kiosks and Mobile App


Subway, a fast food restaurant that focuses on selling sandwiches, is sprucing itself up as it goes on what the company is calling the “fresh forward.” This “fresh forward” means Subway, after almost 20 years of no change, is finally redesigning its restaurants. And as part of this redesign, Subway is introducing more than just new restaurant décor. Subway will be launching new touchscreen ordering POS Kiosks, a new mobile app, complimentary Wi-Fi, USB charging ports so customers can charge their electronics while eating at the designated dining areas, and digital menu boards.

Subway stores will also now have separate preparation areas and pre-order pickup locations designated explicitly for orders done through the new POS kiosks, on the new Subway app (mobile ordering), and through Facebook Messenger’s Subway chatbot.

Subway’s competitors, like Panera Bread, have stated before that the integration of this kind of technology to their restaurants have been one of the major reasons as to why their sales have gone up. Subway’s sales have actually been slowly declining for the past 3-5 years, so it makes sense they are looking to make this technological improvement in order to keep up with their competition.

The self-ordering POS kiosks will support Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. The kiosks will allow customers to see the whole menu, create their own sandwich, order, and pay using credit/debit card and Apple/Samsung pay.

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