SXSWi: Timely Trends in Restaurant Tech

SXSWi: Timely Trends in Restaurant Tech


A report from Food Fanatics relates the restaurant industry’s hottest digital and mobile tech tools trending at the recent South By Southwest Interactive Conference in Austin, Texas.

“Mobile technology has changed the way consumers experience your restaurant—from how they discover it to how they dine.”

They explore Rezhound and BellyCard, as well as the meat thermometer app iGrill.

As for content, the watchphrase is “Tell your story.” Food Fanatics says, “It’s never been enough to advertise. People crave interaction and digital content that tells your restaurant’s story.” Chef Eddie Huang of Baohaus NYC is quoted, “These days, you have to think like a writer. Writers know how to tell a story.”

Social media is the outlet for getting that story out. If you haven’t already, “Join social media—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare. Blog with a purpose (your personal brand). Show people what you’re cooking and let them meet the faces behind your restaurant. Get your staff involved. Sites like and are good places to tap new ideas.”

Read the entire article here. And here, Food Fanatics goes into restaurant website trends.

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