Tips on Starting an Organic Restaurant

Tips on Starting an Organic Restaurant recently shared an insightful list of 8 Tips for Starting an Organic Restaurant, for which we offer a quick digest:

Expect higher costs: Project for 10-20% higher costs, and more if you plan on a premium water filtration system or compostable takeout packaging.

Anticipate price fluctuations: Out-of-season and non-local organic ingredients can vary greatly in price.

Embrace menu changes: Strike that balance between consistency and change.

Know your customers: Particularly, don’t assume all organic consumers are vegetarian.

Charge competitive prices: While consumers expect a 10-30% price increase for organics, don’t price yourself out of your local market.

Avoid vegan stereotypes: Hire a mix of staff with different personalities and mentalities.

Value supplier relationships: Be patient and personable with your farmers, they are at the whims of nature.

Think long-term: Seek secondary revenue streams from your products, such as online sales.

Read the full article here. discusses the benefits and challenges of running an organic restaurant, covering some of the same issues in addition to topics including varying certification requirements, marketing to non-believers, and waste management.

The Houston Chronicle covers “How to Start an Organic Foods Cafe Bakery“; Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine explores recent improvements in water filtration systems here; and talks about the trends in takeout packaging in “Packaging Can Make or Break a Takeout Meal.”

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