The Four Largest Frozen Yogurt Chains

The four largest frozen yogurt chains are Tutti Frutti, Menchie’s, Yogurtland, and Pinkberry.

tutti frutti logo


Worldwide there are over 700+locations and more are coming soon.

Area served:

Australia, Brazil, Brunei, Cambodia, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, England, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Qatar, Scotland, Singapore, Tahiti, Taiwan, Vietnam


Tutti Frutti was founded in 2008 in Southern California, USA. It has become the largest frozen yogurt chain in the world.


tutti frutti rewards

  • Collect 5 stamps and enjoy $3 off your sixth cup
  • You have to spend minimum $5 per cup for a stamp

What is special about Tutti Frutti?

  • Tutti Frutti is known for their variety which includes soy options.

menchies logo


Worldwide there are 500 locations and new locations will be opening soon.

Area served:

United States, Canada, Australia, and Japan


Menchie’s was founded in Los Angeles, California, on May 15, 2007. It has become the second largest frozen yogurt chain in the world. The name “Menchie” came from Adam Caldwell’s nickname for his wife Danna Caldwell, and it is also the name of their company’s mascot.


 menchies smileage $5 in Menchie’s money every time YOU earn 50 smiles
 menchies smileage 25 bonus smiles just to say thank you for registering
 menchies smileage 10 extra smiles when YOU visit Menchie’s within 7 days of registering
 menchies smileage Special offers and smiles just for YOU
 menchies smileage VIP access to tastings for YOU to try new flavors and products
 menchies smileage And more…

What is special about Menchie’s?

  • Menchie’s carries a wide assortment of vegan and dairy free options.

2905 YL logo_Ä


Over 300+ locations

Area served:

United States, Mexico, Guam, Australia, Japan, Venezuela


Yogurtland was founded in 2006 in California, USA. It has become the third largest frozen yogurt chain in the world.


Real Rewards Program 

Green Level
Free 3 oz just for registering
Free 3 oz Birthday treat

Raspberry Level
60 Points elevates you to the Raspberry Level
Get 3 oz free every 36 points
Free 5 oz Birthday treat

Platinum Level
240 points elevates you to the Platinum Level
Get 4 oz free every 36 points
Get a personalized Yogurtland Platinum Card
Free 16 oz Birthday treat
Get one “Unlimited Cup*” of yogurt after you earn 520 points.

The “Unlimited Cup” is our 16-ounce cup filled to your creative mix. 

Customers earn rewards through the app or a loyalty card.

What is special about Yogurtland?

  • Yogurtland is self serve frozen yogurt shop
  • They have special collectible cups and spoons.

Pinkberry Logo


Worldwide there are over 170+ locations.

Area served:

Pinkberry is  served in 21 countries.


Pinkberry was founded in January, 2005 in West Hollywood, CA. Since, it has become the fourth largest frozen yogurt chain.


  • Enjoy a free yogurt after every 10th purchase or your birthday
  • You receive exclusive offers and promotions

What is special about Pinkberry?

  • Unlike the other frozen yogurt chains Pinkberry is not a self serve frozen yogurt shop.
  • Pinkberry is the first frozen yogurt chain that delivers.

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