The Three Largest Fast Food Chains

The three largest fast food chains in the world are McDonald’s, KFC, and Subway.



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What does McDonald’s serve?

McDonald’s mainly sells Burgers.


Worldwide there are 18,710 stores.


McDonald’s was founded on May 15, 1940 in San Bernardino, California  and McDonald’s Corporation on April 15, 1955 in Des Plaines, Illinois. Today it is the largest fast food chain in the world.

What is special about McDonald’s?

McDonald’s is known for the largeness.

Although McDonald’s has been consistent in their products, the quick service chain is very aware of other countries various diets. For example in India, instead of using beef for their hamburgers they serve vegetarian patties that cater to their dietary needs.


“Finger Lickin’ Good”

What does KFC serve?

KFC generally sells deep fried chicken.


Globally there are 11,798 stores.


KFC which was one of the first fast food chains to expand internationally was founded on September 24, 1952 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Now it is the second largest fast food chain in the world.

What is special about KFC?

KFC is known for colonel Sanders secret chicken recipe. It has also reached great success in China’s market.


“Eat Fresh”

What does Subway serve?

Subway  primarily sells sandwiches made with fresh in store baked breads.


In total 10,109 Subway stores are open worldwide.


Subway was found on August 28, 1965 in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

What is special about Subway?

Subway is known for its many fresh and healthy options. Unlike the other fast food chains it capitalizes on serving healthier choices.

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