The Latest Trend in Restaurants: More Summer Jobs

jobgrowthAfter a brutal winter, pent-up demand has tourism-driven economies, including eating and drinking establishments, anticipating a buoyant summer season.

In their web article, “Restaurants To Add More Than Half-Million Summer Jobs,” limited-service retail observer (QSRM) is reporting on another factor for restaurant retailer optimism — projected summer job figures.

The QSRM report looks at recently released projections by the National Restaurant Association (NRA) that says restaurants will be adding 508,000 jobs this summer season. The estimates for 2014 represent the second consecutive year during which restaurants added at least ½ million during each summer season.

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Informative background information in the QSRM post includes the following:

– Summer employment is defined as the average number of eating and drinking place jobs in June, July, and August.

– The number of summer jobs is the difference between the projected total 2014 summer employment and the March 2014 employment level.

– “Generally, the U.S. restaurant industry begins to ramp up its summer seasonal hiring in April, and it peaks in June, July, and August,” writes QSRM. “Eating and drinking places account for approximately three-fourths of the total restaurant and foodservice workforce.”

Here are the highlights of the NRA’s projections for summer hiring, gleaned from the QSRM post:

– “Summer is the busiest season for restaurants in most parts of the country, and the uptick in business creates additional job opportunities at all levels of a restaurant operation,” said Bruce Grindy, chief economist for NRA, as quoted in the QSRM post. “In many states with tourism-driven economies, restaurants are prime destinations for both tourists and job-seekers.”

– The 508,000 summer job estimates at eating and drinking establishments for 2014 follow a record year in 2013, when 538,000 summer jobs were added. The previous high was 465,000 in 2011.

– California topped the list of states projected to add the most eating and drinking place jobs during the 2014 summer season with 47,600 jobs, ahead of New York with 46,300; Massachusetts with 30,400; New Jersey with 28,000; Texas with 27,200; Ohio with 22,400; and Michigan with 21,600.

– Maine topped the list of states projected to register the largest proportional employment increase during the 2014 summer season with a 33.2 percent increase, ahead of Alaska with a 21.0 percent increase; Delaware with an 18.0 percent increase; New Hampshire with a 16.5 percent increase; and Rhode Island with a 15.7 percent increase.

– QSRM points out that the restaurant industry typically trails the construction industry in creating summer jobs.

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