Unions Attack McDonalds

Chipotle article @ SIntel SystemsCountless opposition is rising against major corporations concerning the fight for fifteen. Many states and cities have passed laws for the gradual incrementation of low wage workers pay but facilitators are gearing attacks at large corporations.

Los Angeles County passed a bill earlier this week raising minimum wage to $15 by 2020.

Efforts for higher minimum wage hint at a prominent topic in the upcoming election. Candidates have already voiced  their supportive stance for the fight for fifteen.

Protest from east to west took place last month on what is infamously known as tax day. Major cities around the country were centers for low wage workers demanding $15.

Crowds gathered at McDonald’s locations in Jackson, Mississippi, New York and elsewhere just weeks after the burger chain had announced pay hikes for workers. Even protest at restaurants in Italy, Brazil, Japan and international locations took place.

Demonstrations continue, with the most recent held yesterday at a McDonald’s shareholder meeting in Oak Brook, Illinois.

Approximately 2,000 peaceful protestors awaited outside the corporate office and 5,000 took part in the march.

A petition for $15 dollar an hour wages with more than a million signatures is expected to be delivered to McDonald’s later today.

For more than two years Service Employee International Unions attempted at uniting  workers all across the quick service industry. Part of an 80 million dollar campaign against McDonald’s, the SEIU demands equal respect for worker and shareholders alike.

Shareholders have received nearly 30 billion dollars in the last ten years while workers struggle to maintain their families as the cost of living increases.

One hundred protesters were arrested last year at McDonald’s annual shareholder meeting.

McDonald’s franchise owners and company remain united against ‘union attack.’

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